Cleo shoot + sponsered ad: mydressingreport

Friday, March 26, 2010

Featured blogshop of the week, My Dressing Report!

They've just launched their latest collection afew hours ago!
Love the chanel inspired blazer the most,
wear a normal spag top, top up with this blazer
and you're ready to goooooo~


dressing2'll find anything from casual tops to officewear!
MyDressingReport sent me afew dresses as well,
like this one, def one of my favourite dress of all!


The other dress is actually the white dress
i wore in the shunji matsuo event!

dressing4SALES ALERT!
Many gorgeous pieces all tops/dress are under $20 !
Check out the sales page right here:

Quote the you're "theluckiestchick" reader
and get free postage with any purchase!


I had high fever last night! Fever started at 8plus
but i took 2 panadols and thought it'll go away,
but at midnight my temperature shot up to 39degrees!
I was in long sleeve PJs and all, plus a thick sweater
and i was shivering!

One moment i was shivering, the other moment i was sweating buckets.
So mummy brought me to the 24hour clinic @ 12am to see doctor..
luckily there's no queue.

Omg high fever already then they make me wear the
bloody face mask + the doctor still off the aircon in his treatment room.
SIAO, i wanted to die lor, i was like cold but yet i'm perspiring.

Medicineeeeeee. High fever + throat infection.

yek, i requested from the doctor for the lozenges
that's not the minty-powdery type then
he gave me the tussils 5 lozenges my throat is so much better now!

The minty powdery ones are GROSS to the max.

Mad expensive! midnight consultation fee is already $80plus!

I was in a really bad mood last night
after i came back from the doctor's,
Why cannot take mc if you're really sick?

Just bcos i took 2 mc this month,
unfortunately for me that i got ill right.
not like i'm faking or anything right.

If i'm faking, you think i'm so crazy to go see doc in the middle of the night!
So expensive it's not like i have too much $$$ to spend.
and not as if i can claim!
then what for the company give 14 days of sick leave
I'm sorry but i'm not so garang until i will force myself
to go to work while having high fever please!

Rest in bed the entire day today,
re-watched Boys Over Flower drama on my portable dvd player!
Lay in bed, eat porridge/medicine, watch kdrama!

Have just recently completed another kdrama, You're Beautiful

Was very busy on wed/thur when i was having my off day!
I was suppose to do a Cleo shoot featuring ettusais on thursday,
Milly's sponsered my manicure for the shoot!

Went to the Milly's bugis branch,
love to come here lately for my mani/pedi
cos it's so much quieter and less crowded!

(Milly's bugis branch is located at the
new extension building @ bugis st, level 2)


Like the far east branch, Milly's provides
Nails/Eyelash extension/Hair Extension services @ Bugis too!


My nanny from Ettusais, Sherry was doing her nails too!
poor girl have been so busy @ work
she didnt even have time to do her nails!


Applying nail hardener 1st cos my nails are so brittle!
Gina did my nails and i think she did such a great job!

The end product! Maybe the photo doesnt show it well
but there's actually lots of shimmer & glitter in the nail polish!

All using Ettusais nail colours rather than the colours from
Milly's since the cleo shoot is featuring Ettusais tropical nail colours!
Shall not say so much now but i'm lovin the new stuff! :D

Think it looks like lollipop! heh, just realized the colour scheme
is exactly like the lollipop on the extreme left!

Finally receive my Nuffnang chequeeeeeee. Yaaaaaay.
half of my cheque went to my new Skagen watch! $300!

Somemore earn can Tangs points with my Tangs card.
Major looooooves.

Have been thinking of getting another skagen watch for awhile!
Love their designs, it's so sleek and just very classy.
Easy to match with any outfit!

Rose gold strap, mother of pearl face, rimmed with swavoski crystal!
The other half of my nuffnang cheque will go towards my diving course fees! (:

The next morning, went to Clover, Far east plaza #03-12
to look for Raymond sponsered my hair styling for the shoot!

Btw if you wanna have a haircut/chemical treatment like hair dye/perm
just let them know you're fidelis's friend and you'll get 10% off your bill! (:


Went to Milly's at far east to help me apply a layer of top coat!


Had lunch and head over to Ettusais Office with Sherry
so i could get my makeup done for the Cleo shoot!

Makeup took 1hour plus. and it was raining and stuff..
and i almost fell asleep many times thru the makeup process :x

With Shiya my makeup artist for the day (She's like super super cute!)
and Sherry my Ettusais nanny!



I was suppose to look very sad and pouty for one of the shots.

hahaha Sherry was like telling me.. think.. your boss disallowing you
to take lave for the next 6 months! Wahh, mad torture!

The awesome photographer and the nice people from Cleo!

Boyfriend picked me up from the studio and we went to Liang Court
cos i wanna get some magazine,
i thought Vivi should be out by now but i couldn't find it!
So i got japan version Seventeen + Nu Ren Wo Zu Da magazine.

Oh yes! bought these super adorable rilakuma tissue!

Also got some tidbits from Meidi-ya supermarket,
we love to shop for tidbits there!
boyf and i had crepes the 1st time in my entire life!
Banana and caramel flavored ... i absolutely am lovin it!


Love this ume calbee snack! and grape flavoured collagen drink.


Japanese snacks packaging is always so cute!
the barcode as Mr. Giraffe's blankie! Cute max!

Sayonara, loves!

Shunji Matsuo Blogger's Event

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Attended Shunji Matsuo Blogger's Event last week
with Esther, Jacelyn & Trixy!

Thanks Jacelyn for the invitation! I had so much fun! :D


First we had this demo on how to wear a wig!


The girl on the left was sporting a bob hairstyle
when she greeted us as we arrived!

I couldn't even tell it was a wig luh! 1st thing i thought of was like:
"omg that girl has A-MAZING HAIR PU-LEASEEEE!"
and now she has crazy big jappy curled hair!

Omg i use to think wigs are for all the old balding aunties and uncles
but after this session it really opened my eyes to the world of WIGGGGGS!!!

Just by changing a wig, it just transform your entire look!
Later i'll show you how!!! hahahahs


See so many wigs to choose from, and this is not even all of them!
There were the real human hair wigs, that can be styled, dyed, washed!
and the other type is a mix of half synthetic hair X real human hair wigs~

I said i'm gonna show you how easily a WIG
can change your entire look right?


This is BEFORE!

The japanese stylist told me he took only 3 months
to learn english.... on his Nintendo DS lite.
Super! hahahahs

Look #01

Clipping up my fringe
cos we have to net up our hair before we wear the wig!



Look #02



Hahahas, omg love the funky flaming red haaaaaaair!!!

Look #03


Hahahas, look at how all my friends have transformed
with the sheer use of WIGS!

The "scalp" of the wigs are made of such material
that it's breathable so i didnt feel very hot and itchy
or anything throughout the entire 2 hour session!




Love my dress from

They even got 2 makeup artist to do our makeup for us
so that we'll suit our "new looks"!

After my makeover:


With Mr Shunji Matsuo himself!
So which look do you like the best? (:

Hahahas, time for the hairstylist to play with wigs!!




Everyone was so nice there~
Left the event happily with a bag of hair goodies sponsered by L'oreal!

Shunji Matsuo does customized hair wigs as well!
You can drop by the Shunji Matsuo branch opposite Paragon
to ask for more information on how you can do that!

Went to Cineleisure to have Froooooooolick with Trixy and Esther!


Gei kiang go and buy the cup B,
in the end eat until so full i wanna vomit.
But i still loooooovo frolick!!!!

Sayonara, Loves!

sponsered advertorial: Carrislabella, heroesonheroin

Friday, March 19, 2010

Omg... why is it raining non-stop in MARCH!
Isn't the raining season dec through feb?!

OMG BTH. Everyday come to work
and freeze under the effing cold A/C.

Rain rain rain then i must stay at home,
when i stay at home i shop non-stop!

Ahhhhh, gotta stop my shopping urge.
I think i'm weird, but i LOVE to buy like vitamins/supplement etc
online cos they are like, DIRT CHEAP!
It's a vicious cycle!

But of cos my obsession is always CLOTHES CLOTHES CLOTHES!
I've got so much clothes sometimes
i have such difficulties picking something out to wear.

HerosOnHeroin & Carrislabella are my
featured blogshop for this week!


It's Heros On Heroin's debut collection!
I personally love this two pieces~


ASOS inspired peacock boobtube!

Awesome cutting please. Love the ruched sides of the dress,
makes you look cuuuuuuuuurvy to the max!



Self-manufactured shorts!
They can be worn as a inner piece/ makes a super comfy home wear!

They have some pretty bodycon dresses and blazers as well!
Quote "Fidelis" when ordering to enjoy free postage! (:

C a r r i s l a b e l l e ~

Love it that they have all everything from
casual to dressy and even office wear!

Love this halter top Carrisabelle sent me, favourite!




Carrisabelle will be giving free postage for 2 purchases and above!
Spend $80 and you'll get free registered mail!

She'll include an extra lil' gift for my readers only!
So please quote that you're THELUCKIESTCHICK's reader ~

Ettusais Beauty Diary #03

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ettusais Beauty Diary #03


Ettusais' SPIRNG/SUMMER colours workshop is finally here again!

Date: 27 March 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 3-5pm
Venue: Shiseido Beauty Studio #12-01

Wanna learn awesome makeup tips from ettusais' makeup artist
and how to have that sweetie, fresh faced look like the ettusais' model above?

Just purchase a $30 voucher (fully redeemable for products!!)
from any ettusais counters to join this 2 hour, hands-on guided session!

- so basically the workshop is FREE!
You get to learn latest makeup look, beauty tips,
and get to try the latest ettusais products
during the hands-on workshop as well!

Awwww, but i won't be able to attend cos i'm gonna be working.
Pouts! So go for the workshop and share with me
new tips and spring/summer looks kay! (:

For enquiries, call 67398697 or email to
Visit the Ettusais counters below to get your $30 vouchers now!
Slots are limited so be quick babes! (:


Visit for more information!